Make money off your surplus goods.

We make it easy for you to sell your excess goods. You set the price, send us a fresh list and we help you sell to local buyers. You can pick the amount you want to sell and we connect you with our buyer network free of charge. If that doesn't work we also create consumer packaged goods and buy, repackage and sell under the Lonely Produce brand.

  • Gain access to our network of restaurants and consumers
  • Track your invetory and sales in real time
  • You save time and money by allowing us to take care of your freshsheet process.
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Give us some info about your farm. The more info you provide the easier it is for buyers to find your goods.

By inputing your cell number you agree to receive the occasional  text message with updates on available produce. To opt out of receiving text messages in the future just reply "STOP"

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Have left over goods with no leads on where to sell it? 

We will connect you with willing buyers using our online marketplace.

Get paid right away for goods that would have gone to waste.
We connect you with buyers so you don't have to spend unnecessary time trying to find new buyers . We help you track inventory, provide sales information and process the transaction and deposit the money directly into your account. Giving you a record of the transaction and any communication with the buyer.  All in one place.
Its as easy as a text message.
Text or email us with the left over products you have. We will find a willing buyer and give you tools to help you arrange delivery.. Don't want to sell just leftovers?  We take fresh sheets as well!  Put us on your list and we will distribute to our buyers.
We have spent a lot of time talking to restaurants and farmers

The result is a very easy to us platform that fits into the process of what you are doing already. The best part? 

Its free for farmers
Thats right we don't charge the farmer. We cover our costs by charging the buyer a small transaction fee.
You Get paid immediately.
We take care of the transaction and deposit the amount directly into your bank account. Providing a record of the sale and communication all in one place.
We don't charge our farmers

Just want to list and sell your product?  Don't want to pay anything? No problem we have you covered our small transaction fee is billed to the buyer.

Sell more. Decrease your losSes.
We set you up with local buyers who are seeking what you have to offer. We know it's hard to determine exactly how much product you will sell, week to week. We reduce the risk of having excess product by letting you know about demand.
Turn product you would have to throw away into a new revenue stream.
We do the hard work of lining up buyers for your excess goods. All you have to do is take a photo and let us know what you have. We take care of the rest.

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